Volunteer Opportunities  

New Community’s ArtSpace is able to offer art classes and workshops that are always affordable because of our dedicated cadre of volunteer teachers.  The opportunities are endless and our space has literally been shaped by the energy of the volunteer staff. You can be integral in exposing youth and adults to the arts and fostering creative expression, community building and fellowship.

We recognize that our volunteers are highly talented artists and ArtSpace puts our full support into their success. In exchange for your teaching service we will work with you to find an equitable exchange. Within our operating hours teaching artists may use our facilities to expand their own skills are economic opportunities in the following ways:

  • studio space
  • online gallery 
  • exhibition opportunties

Teach a class - Pass along your expertise and passion within your medium to youth or adults.

Artist Mentorship - Artists work directly with a youth to develop their artistic eye and individual talent and form a meaningful relationship between a youth and adult, a key to positive development of a young person.

Studio Assistants - ArtSpace hosts art shows featuring student and local artists. Volunteers are needed for tasks as varied as marketing, artist selection, art display and clean-up.

Volunteer Qualifications & Responsibilities

Understanding of your individual subject matter to the necessary level to enrich others.

The ability to relate to and serve a diverse student population and handle confidential personal information in a respectful manner.

Fulfill the required background check and orientation (if working with youth)

Follow through on commitments to the students and be prompt and professional in your communication if your availability changes.

For more info contact us at dc.artspace@gmail.com.